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Big Sky week 10 recap

It’s crunch time in the Big Sky Conference as teams are jockeying for position to get in the playoffs, or if you’re Weber State, you’re just trying to avoid tying Northern Colorado for last place in the Big Sky. A couple of Big Sky teams got a scare this weekend and almost saw their playoff […]

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Big Sky week 8 recap

Congrats Big Sky football fans! You made it through week 8! Apologies for my absence last week, I was busy watching the Mile High Express dominate a SEC football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not many surprises in the Big Sky this week, but some games were a bit closer than some folks would have appreciated. […]

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Cal Poly Post Game: Hollywood ending

Quite the game! As I’d posted before, the UM v Cal Poly games are always exciting and this one might’ve been the most intense of them all. I’ve seen games that I’d overall call “better” games in Wa Griz, 1994 vs McNeese, 2000 vs App, 2001 vs Idaho, 2009 vs SDSU, 2009 vs App. However […]

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Cal Poly Mustangs Scouting Report

calCal Poly and the Griz square off in less than 48 hours, starting probably the toughest 3 week stretch of schedule the Griz have. I’m trying to remember a Griz vs CPSLO game in the last 15 years that wasn’t a total battle from start to finish. Cal Poly Mustangs 3-3 38-16 win vs San […]

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UC Davis Scouting Report

Discuss the scouting report Busy 2nd half of the week for me so I’m getting this up a little early, the Griz are hitting the road for the 1st of 3 games (in 4 weeks) that they’ll play against all of the California-based conference teams. UC Davis was looking like a pushover with some early […]

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Big Sky Week 6 recap

Few teams had as big of a letdown this week as one particular team from Utah. We had a brain-on-brain game in Southern California. Overall, this week sucked hard for the state of Utah. Good week for the teams in Big Sky country, and the pillow fight of the week lived up to all the […]

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Big Sky Week 6 predictions

Big Sky Conference week 6 is here and I’m really excited for about none of these matchups. Of all of the 7 games in the Big Sky this week only two will please fans, both of those games happen to take place within Big Sky country. Last week was not a good week predicting games […]

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Brutus the Grizzly Scores a Touchdown in WGS

University of Montana’s Grizzly Stadium is hosting Brutus the bear to see how bears travel at night. The host of America the Wild With Casey Anderson, Casey grew up in Montana surrounded by wilderness and animals, and was nicknamed the “animal magnet” as a kid. After college, he became an animal keeper and trainer at […]

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Big Sky Week 5 recap

  Week five in the Big Sky Conference has come and gone and it wasn’t too pretty for the conference’s top teams. Eastern Washington got a thorough beating on the road at Sam Houston State while Montana got its own beatdown courtesy of Zach Bauman. Montana State’s all-world quarterback returned to the lineup this week […]

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