Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Montana Grizzlies • Griz Athletics. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Posting Rules

    1. Please don't post:
      1. Severe harassment, threats and abuse
      2. Personal information of another user that is not common knowledge without prior consent of that user
      3. Material that is overly vulgar, obscene or indecent. This includes posting links to such content as well
      4. Posts that are hateful or racially offensive
      5. Unrelated Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation without prior consent from forum administrator
    2. Please use the proper forum for the topic you are posting #
    3. Please don't hijack threads by turning subject away from its original purpose #
    4. Please don't register multiple usernames without prior consent from forum administrator #
    5. Posts or actions that violate the above terms may be deleted/moved upon discovery. While we may attempt to notify you if we move or delete a post, we are under no obligation to do so. Depending on the nature of the violation, the administrator may suspend or permanently ban your account. #
  2. The Bench

    1. The Bench forum is dedicated to the smack and over the top discussions on eGriz. It’s an “almost” anything goes forum. To take part in “The Bench” forum, you must join “The Bench” group and agree to the terms for that group. To join, visit the User Control Panel, read the terms, select the circle button to the right of that group and click submit. This will give you access to “The Bench” forum. #
  3. eGriz Club

    1. The eGriz Club Forum is a private forum for Supporters. Access is rewarded for a donation to using the donation link at the bottom of the page. The donation is verified by site owner and then granted so it may take time for access, it's not immediate. #
    2. The eGriz Club is a members only forum. Please DO NOT post information from this forum on the main forums without prior consent from the original poster. This is meant to be a more informative and thought provoking area. If you violate this rule, your membership may be revoked. #
  4. Moderating

    1. These forums are extremely busy and it is impossible for the moderators to see/read every post. We will do our best to enforce these rules but as stated, we can’t see everything. If you have issue with a post or private message, please report the issue using the report function. Most moderator action will only occur if a user deems the content a direct violation of this Code of Conduct and reports it. #
    2. If you have questions, complaints, or problems with action taken by a moderator, please send your concerns to the site administrator. #
  5. Account Deletion

    1. Due to the nature of the forums and threaded conversation layout, we do not delete accounts. #