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Looks like a 2 man race at this point. But I really don't think UM goes into the fall with 6 QB's on the roster.
Maybe someone leaves, maybe a position change, but I don't think Hauck has ever carried 6, and I'm pretty sure 5 of the 6 are scholarships.

2 Cam Humphrey R-Sr. QB 6-2 194 Issaquah, Wash. / Issaquah HS
12 Kris Brown R-Fr. QB 6-4 215 Bozeman, Mont. / Bozeman Senior HS

5 Kirk Rygol R-Jr. QB 6-0 188 Fort Mill, S.C. / Nation Ford HS
10 Robbie Patterson R-So. QB 5-11 196 Medford, Ore. / South Medford HS
3 Carson Rostad Fr. QB 6-3 209 Hamilton, Mont. / Hamilton HS
TBD Daniel Britt Fr. QB 5-11 185 Las Vegas, Nev. / Liberty HS
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Patterson’s battled injuries his entire career. Wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to hang it up.
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