When will Griz fans demand a change?

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Amazing that e-grizzers devote four pages of discussion to one of the all-time most idiotic suggestions ever.
For the moment, UM can't even dominate the BSC conference, and whether you like it or not UNDFan, even NDSU is only dominant in MINOR LEAGUE FOOTBALL. The FBS power five fans rarely even pay attention to FCS. Go beat Alabama, then crow.
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runtheoption wrote: Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:50 am UNDfan posts on UND's message board as SiouxVolley. If you have a lot of time to kill, there are some mildly entertaining (and almost always 100% wrong) predictions, conjectures, and theories regarding how multiple combinations of UND, the Big Sky, the WAC, and some of the MVFC/Summit league schools were supposed to and/or will be going FBS.

https://forum.siouxsports.com/topic/192 ... ld-go-fbs/

https://forum.siouxsports.com/topic/236 ... ummitmvfc/

https://forum.siouxsports.com/topic/160 ... ts-take-2/
He spewed his Great Northern Conference on csnbbs as NoDak for years. Kept predicting is would happen, and guaranteed it would happen before the start of this season. When it didn't, and he was proven wrong, he vanished, and now is pedaling his fantasy here.
Imagine Idaho State and NAU fans just being terrified of the Montanas, Idaho and Weber St leaving the Big Sky for greener pastures. The handful of fans would actually make noise for once as they did on that board. There are three DII teams that would join the new Big Sky: CWU, Dixie St and Azusa Pacific.

NDSU fans called me a loon for years when I said UND was getting in the Big Sky. Never ever apologized either. It’s a badge of honor on these boards.
If Montana/Montana State leave the Big Sky, it will be for a Conference far better than with the Dakota Schools.
O.k. enlighten us on where they would go. You are kidding yourself if you think it's the mwc.
There are plenty of teams I would think would be alot more appealing to the fans and teams of that conference, for plenty of reasons.
Houston, tulsa, rice, utep, utsa . just for starters all are fbs schools already. in larger markets
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