Clint May resigns

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Clint May has resigned as Head Track & Field, and Cross-Country Coach. He will coach Cross-Country at Florence High. Seems very odd. Anyone have any particulars? Was he pushed out at UM? Was he in over his head? :?:
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I’d definitely not guess he was pushed out since in his short couple of years here he was improving the team. I’d also not guess he was in over his head since it’s only the Big Sky Conference and everyone knows it’s NAU vs the field. He also knows what it takes to win a con title winning one at MSU in ‘93 as an athlete. If I had to guess, I’d say some of his four kids run for the startup Florence cross country team and he wants to be part of their running career while also having massive success while coaching Bozeman Highs team for over 10 years, winning many many state titles. I’m sure he figures he can probably get a coaching job in college down the road again if he chooses and it’s not like he has any ties to UofM.
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