Auburn Transfer ?

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The links says he is 6-5 and what, 170 pounds. Auburn's roster lists him as 6-8, 200 pounds. But, that probably doesn't make any difference (humor intended).
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Well, that's something? Colter? Info?
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Well he didn’t get much playing time at Auburn the past two years....
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He was a walk on at Auburn for two years. He did have a great high school career and was rated one of the top players (all-state) in Alabama while in high school.
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not coming to the Griz...myles retweeted the following:

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Bjorn Bjornstein wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 2:49 pm not coming to the Griz...myles retweeted the following:

Going to play for his hometown team and will most likely start right away.
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