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2 bits of recent news:

1. A report of when college basketball may start (11/25 instead of 11/10).

2. NCAA basically furloughs all of their staff. They can’t afford to miss another March Madness.

Does the eGriz board believe 11/25 is feasible? Is it feasible for every team? I believe it is feasible for many, but not everyone. My thought is every Power 6 school (although PAC-12 says they are out until 1/1 and I count the Big East for basketball) can afford a comprehensive testing program and will only play schools that can afford similar protections.

This gets complicated as mid and low-majors won’t have big money guarantee games to fund their testing. For example Montana getting $80k from Arkansas would fund a lot of testing, but if fans aren’t allowed, those big money games have already disappeared and you are stuck with paying for both testing and travel which to me is a non-starter for most non-P6 school budgets.

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Interesting. I believe that the Big Sky conference just said that no "fall" sports would be played in 2020, so that pronouncement shouldn't be a problem. Assume that hoops is a winter sport.

What about crowds and spacing? Not having early season money game would be tough for budgets of schools like UM. People with floor or low seat season tickets are going to want their seats.

And yelling and cheering spreads droplets. And who wants to wear a mask during a game. I suppose that might just be part of the price.

Thx for calling to our attention.
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With regards to your second point, I saw that the NCAA just requested a trademark on “Battle in the Bubble”
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